Computer Aided Facility Management

OFMR uses IBM’s Tririga Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) platform to assist in the day to day operation, management, and maintenance needs of Smithsonian Facilities. The CAFM allows us to draw together large amounts of facility's data into a central location. This way the information can be combined into a coherent action plan that puts the right person, in the right place, at the right time in order to satisfy our customer's needs. CAFM enables OFMR to plan and respond smartly to Smithsonian facility work orders.

Manager Enos Scragg, Office of Facilities Management and Reliability

Facility Management App

App IconThe FMWM app allows technicians to receive their work tasks on their mobile device, instead of having to print out and carry paper copies to their assignments. The app also allows technicians to receive new work tasks while they are out accomplishing their current tasks which saves them from having to go back to their shop to receive new tasks. Since the app keeps track of the work accomplished in the field and transmits this progress back to Facility Center, there is no need to sit down at a computer and enter in all their data at the end of each day.

Manager Steve Hinz, Business Operations Division, Office of Facilities Management & Reliability