The Office of Facilities Management and Reliability provides world class services through a dedicated and professional workforce that is committed to managing resources wisely and preserving the integrity of our facilities by providing a safe and appropriate environment for people and collections.

The Office of Facilities Management and Reliability (OFMR) operates and maintains the facilities of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., which attract over thirty million visitors each year. This office includes eight Zones, Systems Engineering, Support Services, Business Operations, Safety, Energy Management, and Organizational Development. OFMR works behind the scenes, ensuring the maintenance and operations work is performed to the highest standards. We are a unique facility team in that we are an almost completely in-house organization- which allows us to be considered Smithsonian facility experts. The OFMR’s dedication and commitment to the Smithsonian Institution helps us remain the world leader in museum facilities management.

The OFMR team at the 2015 Career Expo