Q: What is Facility Management?

Facility management is the integration of people, places and processes to safely operate, maintain, repair, support and ensure the performance integrity of the built environment for its original, intended purpose.

Q: What kind of work does OFMR perform at the Smithsonian?

OFMR performs maintenance and support to Smithsonian facilities and grounds. Administrative support is also provided within OFMR. For more information about the different offices and zones visit OFMR Offices.

Q: The Smithsonian’s Facility Management team is called the Office of Facility Management and Reliability (OFMR). What does reliability mean to OFMR?

Reliability is our main product line within OFMR. It is our insurance policy to our customers that the building systems we maintain and the services we provide will be available for their use and to meet their needs. We produce reliability through careful planning, scheduling, maintenance and testing.

Q: How many employees are there in the OFMR team?

Approximately 900 full-time employees

Q: Does the OFMR offer FM internships?

Yes! Please visit our internship page