Andrew Wills

Andrew Wills 2016 FM Intern

Name: Andrew Wills

Project: HVAC Emergency Shutdown Procedure

School: Arizona State University

Major: Industrial Design – Sustainability, Graduate Student

This summer I worked with OFMR in the Systems Engineering Division to collect data and analyze the HVAC system for the Emergency Building Shutdown Procedure. This project was done under the direction of my supervisor David McCauley, Supervisory Engineering Technician, and project supervisor Darnell Bell, Engineering Technician. The goal of this project was to create a “living document” to be used during an Emergency Building Shutdown. This document would also compile all resources that are controlled by the Building Automation System and those that are not, as well as creating a resource for tracking scheduled tests of the system. Through this project, I gained a new level of understanding for how complex systems are managed across an ever changing landscape and the necessity for detailed emergency preparedness procedures. By working on this project, I have helped OFMR create a foundation for this procedural task.