Ben Lueders

Ben Lueders 2016 FM Intern

Name: Ben Lueders

Project: Building Surfaces E-Library Design

School: University of Houston

Major: Architecture

This summer I am working to develop a new online resource that will provide OFMR and Smithsonian Facilities staff with a cataloge of existing interior building surfaces and components. Ryan Doyle, the East Mall Zone Manager, is my mentor for this internship. I have discovered a lot of information that I did not know about building materials, interior surfaces, and the best practices for their proper care and maintenance. All of this newfound knowledge will be useful in my future career as an architect when I am selecting materials and finishes for designs of my own. The catalogue that I am helping to develop will be a great tool for facilities maintenance staff as they continue to practice the best standards of care possible for the wonderful facilities at the Smithsonian Institution.