Emma Dacol

Emma Dacol 2016 FM Intern

Name: Emma Dacol

Project: Documenting OFMR Waste Diversion Initiatives

School: American University

Major: MFA, Film & Electronic Media

As a videography intern with the Office of Facilities Management and Reliability, I have been producing a short, educational video about waste diversion efforts at the Smithsonian Institution. The video presents a waste-audit in a fun and goofy manner, seeking to educate Smithsonian staff about recycling and composting best practices and methods the Recycling Task Force uses to monitor the effectiveness of waste diversion programs. I have also been writing an article to accompany the video. I am amazed by Smithsonian’s dedication to sustainability. I hope that my project can help the institution reach its current goal of diverting 80% of its waste from landfills by 2020.

During my internship, I have practiced my video production, writing and research skills. I have also gained experience developing internal messaging and communication strategies within a large institution. Furthermore, through this experience, I have learned a great deal about the benefits of recycling and composting, and how these processes work. I have also become more mindful of the waste I produce; I recycle correctly more consistently and I’m planning to start composting at home.

Another exciting aspect of the internship has been meeting so many intelligent and passionate people and having the opportunity to explore the National Museum of Natural History nearly every day. It’s exhilarating to be around so much knowledge on a daily basis. The Smithsonian Institution is a special place to work and my internship experience is one that I will not forget.