Eric Pasay

Eric Pasay 2016 FM Intern

Name: Eric Pasay

Project: Environmental Compliance

School: Clark University

Major: M.S. Environmental Science and Policy

This summer I worked in OFMR’s System Engineering Division. I was involved in a variety of projects, all of which had a shared goal of improving environmental compliance at the Smithsonian Institution (SI). At SI, environmental compliance can mean a lot of different things such as: Record keeping, compliance support documents, asset management, oil spill response, permit inspections, equipment inspections, facility visits and composting, etc. – these are just a few of the week-by-week responsibilities in the environmental compliance office.

My biggest project this summer was creating environmental compliance guides for the most common, regulated assets at SI. These include boilers, underground storage tanks, and above ground storage tanks. Each asset falls under a set of strict state and federal laws meant to protect the environment from harmful pollutants. The compliance guides will help facility management understand the regulations, why they are in place, and stay in compliance with permits.

I also contributed to a number of smaller assignments this summer. For instance, I helped create a refrigerant management flyer, updated inspection checklists, and researched permitting requirements for a new composting facility. I am thankful that there was such a diversity of projects because it allowed me to explore the many directions of environmental management and build a unique skillset. Further, working with OFMR gave me a behind-the-scenes look at almost all of the museums and their unique collections.  Special behind the scenes tours (such as the one we took at the National Zoo) make you truly understand how special it is to work for the Smithsonian Institution.