Sam Humphrey

Sam Humphrey 2016 FM Intern

Name: Sam Humphrey

Project: Operations & Maintenance Plan and User Guide Development

School: Suffolk University

Major: Double majoring in Business Management & Entrepreneurship

My summer at the Smithsonian was a fun and eye-opening experience that allowed me to expand my knowledge of facilities management and my professional network. Working with South Mall Zone Manager Dan Davies, I created a template for documenting the procedures and safety information for maintenance and operations tasks performed in the Arts & Industries Building. Along the way, I met many Smithsonian Facilities employees across its units and across South Mall and beyond. I also learned about systems, construction, renovations, contract management and development, personnel management from shadowing Dan, and from professional development sessions with the intern coordinators Stephanie and Judie.

The OFMR internship gave me professional facilities management knowledge and experience I would not be able to find in business school or even an entry-level facilities position. I am grateful for the many OFMR employees who took the time to explain how their unit and the Institution operates, take me behind the scenes to learn more about the built environment, and provide me support and feedback throughout the duration of my project. This program is invaluable for young facilities professionals looking to gain meaningful experience and applicable knowledge, and I recommend it highly to anyone entering the Facilities Management field.