Sustainable Building Analysis Internship

Project Description:

The Smithsonian’s Environmental Management Unit is seeking an intern candidate to analyze facility compliance with Executive Order 13693: “The Guiding Principles for Sustainable Federal Buildings were updated by the Council on Environmental Quality on February 26, 2016, and are required by Executive Order 13693”.

Appointment Details

Project Title Sustainable Building Analysis Internship
Appointment Term Start Date May 29, 2018 End Date August 3, 2018
Location National Museum of Natural History
Stipend Stipends based upon funding availability. Normal stipend is $400/week.
Time Requirement This is a full-time 40 hour per week internship
Housing Interns must secure housing prior to the internship start date
Travel Travel to and from work location is the responsibility of the intern
Tentative Supervisor Paul Wolbert-Associate Director of Energy Management

Project Outcomes

  • Identify the percentage of the Smithsonian’s existing buildings (above 5,000 gross square feet) that will by fiscal year 2025, comply with Executive Order 13693 (Guiding Principles mentioned above).
  • Research and develop a strategic plan proposal outlining how Smithsonian facilities can make annual progress toward 100 percent conformance with the Guiding Principles.
  • Document annual progress toward stipulated conformance from June 2016 to present.
  • Prepare a crosswalk document between recent LEED version(s) and the Guiding Principles for reference by SI staff.
  • Present a bi-weekly progress update at energy management staff meetings .
  • Publish at least one (300 word) news article summarizing the project for the Sustainability
    Matters Newsletter.

Learning Objectives

  • Practice research, writing, and reporting skills
  • Learn about federal building sustainability initiatives
  • Learn how to present findings and materials that will be useful for staff
  • How to support proposals with data
  • Practice writing to inform, engage and motivate readers
  • Develop coordination skills with internal and external stakeholders
  • Develop project management skills
  • Learn how to work together with a team to accomplish a common goal


  • Must be interested in learning about how a diverse complex of facilities can become more sustainable
  • Enjoy and be skilled in research
  • Experience using Microsoft Office
  • Be comfortable meeting project deadlines
  • Student must be in good current academic standing
  • Student must apply through Student Online Academic Appointment System (SOLAA)
  • Student must be available for a video, phone, or in person interview by selection panel
  • Student must provide and verify housing for term of internship
  • Student must have a bank account for direct deposit of stipend payments
  • Student must be available to work 40 hours per week
  • Must provide proof of US Citizenship