OFMR interns pose in a gardenQ: Am I eligible to apply if…

…I recently graduated? Yes. If you are a recent graduate you are welcome to apply. We prefer recent graduate applicants to be within 1-2 years of their graduation date.
…I am not a facility management major? Yes. The field of FM is comprised of many disciplines and we have often welcomed majors from a variety of backgrounds (business, engineering, interior design, architecture, technology, sustainability, political science, and much more!)
…I am an international student? No. At this time, we are not accepting international student applications.
…I am a high school student? No, we do not accept high school student applicants for our internship programs. We do however accept a limited number of applications for FM volunteers. Volunteers often provide support for events and programs. To learn more about becoming a FM volunteer Contact OFMR!

Q: What type of major or educational background should I have?

The field of FM is comprised of many disciplines and we have often welcomed majors from a variety of backgrounds (business, engineering, interior design, architecture, technology, sustainability, political science, and much more!) Although we strongly consider candidates with a facility management educational back ground, we encourage all majors to apply who are interested in learning about the built environment.

Q: What is the difference between the Academic Track and the Technical Track Internship Opportunities? Which one should I apply for?

Academic Track FM Internships are for students pursuing a bachelor or graduate degree who want to learn more about the built environment. Recent graduates are also encouraged to apply. Academic Track Internship opportunities focus on strategic projects that our team is working on such as project management, sustainability, technology, engineering, strategic initiatives, and more. Academic Track participants will work closely with supervisors and mentors on active OFMR projects and initiatives. All majors are welcome to apply!
Technical Track FM Internships are for students in formal training or apprenticeship programs in crafts and trade fields. Technical Track Internship participants receive mentorship and hands on experience from our Facility leaders at the Smithsonian.

Q: Is this a paid internship?

FM Internships are paid by stipend if funding is available.

Q: If I am selected for a specific internship opportunity, will I definitely be assigned to that project once I arrive?

We try to place students with the opportunities that they have indicated interest in and have the skill set and experience to be successful. However, it is important to understand that internship project placement can change at any time before the internship begins, on the first day, or throughout the program. If we know that a project will be changing in advance of your start date, we will contact you to make sure you are still interested in participating. Please understand that in the busy world of facility management, we have to adapt to changing priorities and that may impact the project you are assigned to.

Q: How do I apply?

Academic Track Application Instructions: All students interested in applying for the Academic Track FM Internship must apply through the Smithsonian’s Student Online Academic Appointment System (SOLAA)
Technical Track Application Instructions: If you are interested in applying for the technical track Internship, please visit the programs page here for more instructions.

Q: When applying for either the Academic or Technical Track Internship programs, to who should my letters of recommendation be addressed to?

Please address letters of recommendation to Judie Cooper, Associate Director of Organizational Development Services.Email: CooperJ@si.edu

Q: Do you provide housing for selected interns?

No. It is the students responsibility to secure their own housing PRIOR to when their internship starts. We do not endorse or recommend housing, however you can visit the Smithsonian’s Office of Fellowships and Internships (OFI) to view their housing resource guide.

Q: Do you provide financial transportation assistance?

No. Not at this time.

Q: How should I request a letter of recommendation from my supervisor?

We love when interns join our team and bring new and exciting ideas and their talents to projects. We have had many successful alumni and were happy to write letters of recommendation for them. If you are interested in receiving a letter of recommendation from your supervisor kindly put your request in an email to them after your internship concludes giving them at least three weeks prior to when you need it. However, an internship with our team is not an automatic guarantee for a letter of recommendation. A letter of recommendation must be earned through hard and outstanding work. A letter of recommendation must come from a supervisor(s) who you worked closely with during your time here. Supervisors can decline any request for a letter of recommendation.

Q: What is the time commitment of my internship?

This is a full time internship (40 Hours per Week)

Q: I am a university, student, or a person who is interested about this program and about the OFMR team. How do I contact you?

Please use the Contact Form to connect with our team. We will get back to you soon!

Q: After my internship is over, who should I contact about questions concerning stipends, taxes, or other questions regarding my internship?

You should contact the Smithsonian’s Office of fellowships and Internships

Important Information about Stipend Payments for Interns:

  • Are not considered salary
  • Are limited to helping defray living expenses during the term of appointment and can’t be paid retroactively
  • Begin 4 weeks after the awardee returns entire award agreement to OFI
  • Arrive in equal installments around the 10th and 25th of each month
  • For U.S. citizens and those considered U.S. residents for tax purposes taxes are NOT withheld
  • Awardees receive a financial summary at the end of each calendar year and are responsible for meeting their own state and federal tax obligations

Q: What is the dress code and what other rules and regulations should I know about prior to participating?

While you are with us this summer, you are not just representing yourself – you are representing the Smithsonian Institution. Our dress in OFMR is business casual, so slacks/pants and shirts will do fine. Your individual supervisor may talk more with you about this if his/her building has some specific dress requirements. However, while casual dress is fine – casual shoes are not! You will be performing site visits to areas that may present the potential for foot hazards, so we ask that you wear appropriate shoes considering that. Also, due to the behind the scenes nature of the work you will be performing we ask that you not wear flip-flops or open back shoes. Solid tennis or walking shoes would be best the first day and then you and your supervisor can determine what is most appropriate for you. At any time during your internship if you come inappropriately dressed (think tube tops, sandals, shorty-shorts, clothing with offensive language, baggy pants, you get the idea…) we will discuss it once with you and dismiss you for the day. If a wardrobe problem happens a second time with the same student, we will terminate your internship immediately. Again, if you have any questions about what clothing is appropriate we will be happy to answer. Respect is key!